Paula L. Smith

Author and Founder

The Vision
Welcome to Paula’s cyber world! I hope you will find the website helpful and resourceful whether you are a newbie to Microsoft Office products or just want to take your technology skills to the next level.

I hope to share my heart with you with the gift of technology God has given me. I have worked in the information technology industry for over thirty years and I have seen the good, the bad, the ugly and some experiences will be left unsaid but written in my journal that I keep in a safe place. LOL!!!!

I understand now in order to succeed there must be power within the inner man to overcome obstacles and challenges to achieve the goals and dreams you set for yourself. Surviving adversities through-out the years has been value added strength to me and the consultant business. My first challenge was getting a technology job out of college even though I had a degree. Who would have ever thought, my first job was in accounting as a Payoff Specialist for GE Capital Asset Management Group. Today that experience helps me managed multimillion dollar projects because number crunching has given me the edge in project management.

I begin to write my goals down every day. When people said no, the more it drove me to overcome the issue at hand. I begin to teach myself advance skills in technology, investing in books and workshops. I kept pursuing until a door open at a major oil and gas company in Houston. I experience more challenges as roles in the oil and gas pipeline sectors were not filled by women but mostly men. I did not let that stop or intimidate me in what I wanted to achieve in technology.

The point I am making sometimes you do not have to say anything but let your work and ethics speak for itself. You have to reset your goals even when you miss them and do not get discourage but lessons learn and build upon it to strengthen you. Sometimes you have to crawl, walk and then start running with an unstoppable mind. You have to stay strong and do not be move by hurtful words people say.

The toughest challenge I faced was the time after Sept. 11 event. The technology industry begins to spiral downward. Companies were downsizing and not much consultant work given. The market place was very competitive. I begin to change my focus and direction from the oil and gas business and try other industry markets. While making the shift in my career, I notice people wanted to improved their skill sets just like me. I begin to train, develop curriculum and used my experience to help others.

easysteps_video2picWhen challenges happen do not get discourage just change your focus into positive energies and divine strategies to get through them. You may have to reposition yourself geographically but never fear the unknown and never fear to be successful! Great leaders endure. Be empowered, encouraged and enlighten!

Paula L. Smith