Get Certified!

Why certification is important to employees, managers and businesses:

The need for Microsoft Office skills is increasing dramatically as more and more businesses are embracing newer technologies. Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification will enable employees to complete tasks and projects with greater ease and efficiency with proven Office skills. Based on globally recognized standards, MOS certification validates employee skills, builds self-confidence and enhances professional easysteps_img9standing among peers and managers.

Now is your opportunity to increase productivity and minimize employee turnover. With certification, you can validate employee development and training programs. Hiring managers and HR departments can screen employees for proficiency in Microsoft Office skills. Businesses can maximize their technology investment, reducing organization-wide technical support time and costs.

Give employees the benefits of Microsoft Office Specialist certification. Microsoft Office Specialist certification is a convenient, low-cost professional development benefit. Certification promotes greater productivity and efficiency by validating that employees have the skills they need to use Office tools more effectively. It increases self-confidence and job satisfaction while reducing reliance on help-desk support. It also provides a standard that helps managers fill openings quickly and maximize the return on resources and technology. New employees can “hit the ground running.” Moreover, research shows that a comprehensive level of skill proficiency is directly linked to an immediate increase in on-the-job performance, regardless of the actual job function.*

* Microsoft Office Specialist: Improving the Workplace, Robert Hunt, Ph.D., and Sean P. Gyll, Ph.D., 2001.