Microsoft Office Specialist

Why Microsoft® Office Specialist Certification is Important.

In the worldwide job market, Microsoft Office Specialist is the primary tool companies use to validate the proficiency of their employees in the latest productivity tools and technology, helping them select job candidates based on globally recognized standards for verifying skills. The results of an independent research study show that businesses with certified employees are more productive compared to non-certified employees and that certified employees bring immediate value to their jobs.

1. In academia, as in the business world, institutions upgrading to Office or Office 365 may seek ways to protect and maximize their Technology investment. By offering certification, they validate that decision—because powerful Office applications such as Word, Excel® and PowerPoint® can be effectively used to demonstrate increases in academic preparedness and workforce readiness.

2. Individuals seek certification to increase their sense of accomplishment and to create advancement opportunities by establishing a leadership position in their school or department, thereby differentiating their skill sets in competitive college admissions.