Easy Steps Learning Series mission and values are to help people and businesses transform their lives in a technology driven global society. Our STEM initiative in the area of Technology is to empower others who are new to Microsoft Office products to gain technology skills or help experience users take their technology skills to the next level.

We hope to empower others to succeed through Easy Steps interactive learning giving them the ability to learn unlimited possibilities. Microsoft Office products are the primary leaders in the information worker industry, so we’ve put together these amazing step-by-step guides to walk any individual through the learning effort. Easy Steps Learning Series is packed with lots of screenshots and tips to meet you at the level of your experience and take you to a technical zone higher than you can imagine. Our curriculum was designed for individuals, organizations, businesses, schools, colleges and universities, adult education centers and workforce development agencies.

As part of the Easy Steps Learning Series, the author also plans to launch several other training books for Microsoft Office products. The greatest benefit is you can learn at home or on the go. These training guides meet the objectives of the Microsoft Office certification exams. Easy Steps to Outlook® 2010, PowerPoint® 2010, Word ® 2010 and Excel® 2010 are available in paperback and E-book format for every possible E-Reader. Get your copy today at Amazon.com, Barnes and Nobles, Books-a-Million, Dock Book Shop and any other fine retailers.