free microsoft office 2010 product key

P8TFP-JGFMM-XPV3X-3FQM2-8K4RP for more product keys go to
Video Rating: 4 / 5 Microsoft announces features for the next version of Office, Sprint goes live with LTE, and LinkedIn gets a makeover.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. DpTricks16 says:

    Top one just worked for me.
    Thanks :)

  2. Harry Rodabough says:

    thanks MEATPLANET that was the only one that work for me

  3. Katie Lackey says:

    thinks worked great:)

  4. Trinh Huynh says:

    this the only one that worked for me. thanks 

  5. dog91life says:

    Can someone who really know what to do help me?
    I wrote some product keys and it was okey till I started (Open) a window of Microsoft Word and than Activation Wizard came out and it’s say “YOU HAVE TO CONFRIM YOUR ACTIVATION CODE BECAUSE YOUR PRODUCT KEYS IS NOT VALID”.

  6. dog91life says:

    I have a same problem. Few Product key that I wrote in my Activation bar were OK but then ACTIVATION WIZARD SAYS “YOU HAVE TO CONFIRM YOUR ACTIVATION CODE BECAUSE YOUR PRODUCT KEY IS NOT VALID”……

  7. Glynis Jones says:

    It worked, thank you :)

  8. yousif al hawaj says:

    enderman skin?

  9. Ashutosh Tripathi says:


  10. xxTHEELIT3G4M3Rxx says:

    Guys check this out! How to Get MS Office 2010 for free without a product key!

  11. Jasper Quaak says:

    jahoo it works

  12. tal alony says:

    it just a trial

  13. deborah miller says:

    Thank you so much

  14. Theguyudontknoe says:

    worked, thanks man

  15. Assassin19955 says:

    thank you man did it worked xD

  16. 2poor4xbox says:

    I think they are all trials lol

  17. mybratpack3 says:

    Are there any permanent codes? The ones I’ve entered are all trial versions.

  18. mielhoning2000 says:

    it is ” it doesn’t work ” not it dont work

  19. jidapakt says:

    thanks very much

  20. MEATPLANET says:

    got this one off the website in the link he gave -thanks

  21. kingsterplay says:

    this work super good! i have a school project, and now i can make it with a smile on my face!

  22. Lucy Jung says:

    can anyone send me working key codes please :(

  23. Carlos B says:

    you are welcome :)

  24. Carlos B says:

    you are welcome

  25. Anouk Kr says:

    Do you have new codes? The one from Carlos B doesn’t work for me unfortunately!



  27. Fa Wildchild says:

    go to google and googling using these keywords “powerpoint 2003 dual monitor”. click the first link and see the Note section.

  28. Davis Smith says:


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  29. Javier Rodriguez says:

    Windows 8 update its not free is $49.00

  30. aaroninclub says:

    hahahah ummm did you notice that they simply adding in features that the iWork suite ALREADY HAD on touch screen! Keynote has had the ability to show you the next slide when the current 1 is on screen, YEARS ago and the “newly added to office” laser point feature isnt sumthin new that office is adding in, either.. ripppp

  31. iBKayzz says:

    Windows updates aren’t free idiot. If your talking about upgrading from windows 7 to windows 8 it costs money (around $30-40 but used to be $100) . It’s only free for new pc buyers. Oh and btw new mac buyers get the new os x for free.

  32. kalender shihab says:

    Windows update is free?? Stop trolling you freak!

  33. Redgit232 says:

    I thinks its a good thing, in future, you just need to pay once for office and have it on your tablet, laptop or desktop computers. Instead of classic “office portable” or some sht like that.

  34. Franklin McCants Jr says:

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  35. YSKite says:

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  36. AbartsWorld says:

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  37. Javidominguez010 says:

    /watch?v=Z6rj-R0OQ_g&feature=relmfu Trust me on this link

  38. rohitkarmyal986 says:

    Office 2012 loading error: Your hardware is not supported.

  39. obscuresword says:

    Linked In looks like FB? That’s more of a downgrade.

  40. wowmalitv says:

    I don’t even have Microsoft Office installed in my computer. Only Wordpad
    And at school we are still using Microsoft Office 2000/ 2003

  41. insidertrading1 says:

    Bridget is hot…

  42. ricwurui says:

    Is she taller?

  43. Jacky Mok says:


  44. sinnerslight says:

    I like how the camera isn’t always in her face all the time like on older videos. Keep up the good work Bridget.

  45. montyhades says:

    Microsoft is just making amazing things happen since windows 8!!!! Thank you thank you!!!! Best!!!!

  46. Ans Nawaz says:

    I love cnet

  47. warex3d says:

    No fails in the keynote? Haters are disappointed xD

  48. fairytailwizard says:

    iphone still doesn’t use lte, they sure are late for the party!

  49. Ed Smith says:

    You’re an example of an old pretty women.

  50. starsfan1 says:

    Why are you so fuzzy lately?

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