Discover the benefits of Microsoft office specialist
Ready to get the most out of the new Microsoft Office suite? The new Microsoft Office Specialist  certification validates the skills needed to use the powerful features and functionality of the latest Microsoft Office release. Individuals who successfully complete a Microsoft Office Specialist exam have demonstrated the skills necessary to work faster and smarter while improving performance.
The Microsoft Office Specialist advantage:
Individuals: Complete tasks with greater ease and efficiency; stand out in the classroom or on the job.
Organizations: Increase productivity and efficiency while identifying and retaining the best employees.
Academic institutions: Prepare students to succeed academically and in their careers.
Workforce development agencies: Increase placement rates by providing candidates with the skills employers want.
Microsoft Office Specialist provides a continuum for identifying and validating skills:
Microsoft Office Specialist (Core Certification) MSOS
Validates skills with the Microsoft Office suite.
Available for the most popular Microsoft Office applications.
Microsoft Office Expert MSOE
Credential that validates advanced skills with one or more Microsoft Office applications.
Exams offered on Word®  Expert and  Excel®  Expert .
Microsoft Office Master MSOM
New credential validates advanced Office skills.
Candidate must pass four exams: Word®  Expert, Excel® Expert and PowerPoint® , and either Outlook®  or Access® .


More productive workers… Better-prepared students… More desirable job candidates. Validate their skills on the most popular Microsoft Office  applications.


Enhanced features, collaborative tools and almost-anywhere file access make it easy to create high-quality documents.


New analysis, visualization and access tools make it easier to manage and share data.


Exciting and easy-to-use audio/visual capabilities make it simple to create powerful, polished presentations.


Simplified tools and new Web databases make it easier to track, report and share information.


Advanced e-mail organization, search, communication and social networking features enhance productivity.


Robust tools to control project work and schedules, and for staying informed while keeping project teams on track.


Comprehensive content management and search tools help improve organizational effectiveness.